Our Mission

Wardrobe in need brings awareness to humanitarian causes through film and television. Our objective is to create an outlet for people to share their passion about causes that otherwise would be ignored. Causes that show the need and importance of views about things that truely matter.Its with the ongoing support of our individual donors and grants that we continue our work with the passion and vigor that it deserves.

Since 2010 our company has provided clothing to those in desperate need to survive. First as a volunteer program under the umbrella of cooperating charities and since 2015 as our own existing 501(c)3 non-profit. We are proud and honored to have created great relationships with such generous and like minded companies and individuals who support our cause.

Our goal is to expand our vision on a global scale and share with the world our mission. We look forward to serving those in need with all the heart and compassion we can generate and bring awareness to humanitarian causes through fashion and film

JOIN US  in making a difference.

El Camino College presentation by Pat Springer

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